For indie Publishers, Artists, Labels & Music Managers

The PUBLISHER ROYALTY PROGRAM is a Windows desktop/laptop computer program app. It was designed to provide the indie Music Publisher with an easy-to-use, fast and accurate accounting method. Publishing entities operated by artists, labels and music managers can use its clearly formatted royalty statement to send to songwriters and co-publishers showing earnings for the current period, a summary of their balance from the last period and advance deductions if any.

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    One-time License Fee: $59.00 CAD

    PRP is designed for Desktop PCs, Laptops and Surface Pads using Windows 8.1 and 10 Microsoft operating systems. At this time, PRP is not configured for smart phones or any Apple operating system, including Apple iPods, desktop Mac computers or Apple iPhones.

    This Program does not need to access the internet and does not use a browser. The PRP Program files, databases and indexes reside only on your personal computer or USB drive.

    Download and try out the zip package that contains a sample PRP ‘.exe’ program file with ‘Sample Music Publishing’ files to experiment with plus documentation.

    How To Order

    To order your unique, personalized copy of the PUBLISHER ROYALTY PROGRAM Version 4.0,

    • – download the
    • – extract the package of files and read the PRP4-ReadMe.txt
    • – print and complete the PRP4_Order_Form.pdf, scan it into a pdf format file and email it to

    You will be sent a PayPal invoice in the amount of $59.00 CAD (plus HST for Canadian residents). When paid, you will receive access details for your personalized PRP4 Program.

    About PRP Version 4.0

    “I developed the Publishers Royalty Program in 1989 for my own indie publishing catalogue and for use by a major international publishing company as an alternative to using spreadsheet programs such as Excel. Once the Writers and Publishers were entered in the databases, the time saving was significant and PRP has been in use by licensed indie Publishers continuously from then until now. For this new version 4.0, the code has been totally re-written to take advantage of the latest operating systems.” – Greg Hambleton April 2016

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